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Kyoto Laboratory for Culture and Computing

The relationship between information science and culture can be thought of as comprising diverse elements. These lean toward the preservation of historical culture using the yields of information science research, the advancement of humanities research, and the promotion of cultural activities and contribution toward multicultural coexistence. Moreover, new culture is beginning to emerge on the internet and Web, which are also yields of information science.

International society will continue to be confronted with many problems, concerning population, energy, environment, food supply, and other matters. Overcoming the difficulties will require consensus-building on a global scale. There is a need for the contribution of information science toward understanding cultures of other countries and to rising above the differences through dialogue. Coexistence with diverse cultures will be vital if Japan’s industries are to continue holding an important position in the world far into the future.

The virtual Laboratory reaches beyond the limitations of individual organizations. It is being established to broaden awareness of issues relating to culture and computing, and to share the yields of research. Researchers in universities, institutes and other organizations will meet in the virtual Laboratory. Our aim is to create new value concepts, diverging from efficiency and quality and emanating from Kyoto, by fostering collaboration in diverse ways among industries, government, universities and other entities.

Organizer : Toru Ishida, Professor, Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University


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