Trial site
  • Language Grid Toolbox
  • Language Grid Toolbox
  • Language Grid Toolbox supports communication in multilingual communities. We offer a hosting service for user organizations.
  • Language Grid Playground
  • Language Grid Playground
  • In the Language Grid Playground, you can try a variety of language services registered in the Language Grid through a Web browser.
  • Service Computing School
  • ServicesComputingSchool
  • Services Computing School is a pilot Website to use the Language Grid as a service-oriented collective intelligence platform. The website provides exercises for courses in services computing in undergraduate and graduate school levels. Currently, students can learn "Basic of Web Services" and "Web Service Composition".

For Developers
  • Multilingual Studio
    1. Multilingual Studio is a set of APIs for using the multi-language functions provided by the Language Grid, such as back translation, text-to-speech, multi-hop translation and so on.

  • The Language Grid
    1. The Language Grid book, published by Springer, summarizes five years of research done on the Language Grid.

Related Conferences
  • The Third International Workshop on Worldwide Language Service Infrastructure (WLSI-3) and The Second Workshop on Open Infrastructures and Analysis Frameworks for Human Language Technologies (OIAF4HLT-2)
    1. WLSI-3/OIAF4HLT-2
      December 12th, 2016
      Osaka, Japan
  • International Conference on Intercultural Collaboration
    1. CABS2014
      August 20-22, 2014
      Kyoto, Japan
  • International Conference on Culture and Computing
    1. C&C2015
      October 17-19, 2015
      Kyoto, Japan

  • 2016/12/9 Language Grid Symposium 2016 was held in Kyoto University
  • 2016/7 The addresses of mailing lists have been changed. Old: oss-mail-service New: oss-mail-langrid
  • Monthly Maintenance:
    2017/2/14 16:00-20:00(JST), 2017/3/14 16:00-20:00(JST).

What's Language Grid

Language Grid is an online multilingual service platform which enables easy registration and sharing of language services such as online dictionaries, bilingual corpora, and machine translators.

For more information about the Language Grid, please show following PDF files.


Kyodai HONYAKU! Project
User Group
  • �����O���b�h�A�\�V�G�[�V����
  • The Language Grid Association is an organization formed by various SIGs (Special Interest Groups) such as research groups or projects, whose aim is to accumulate use cases and best practices of Language Grid.

  • Computer Mediated Multilingual Medical Communication Support System (M3)
  • M3
  • Yoshino Lab at Wakayama University,Center for Multicultural Society Kyoto
  • M3 is a support system that facilitates communications between foreign outpatients and hospital staffs. At hospitals equipped with M3, foreign outpatients can receive services such as reception procedures and hospital navigation in their native languages.

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