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Service Grid Open Source Project covers the following software.

  • Service Grid Server Software
  • Language Service
  • Language Grid Toolbox

This page shows the overview of these software.

Service Grid Server Software

Service Grid Server Software is an implementation of Service Grid and has been developed by National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), Japan. The Service Grid Server Software has been used to realize the Language Grid, which is a Service Grid for language domain. Service Grid is expected to be applied in more different domains, such as Agricultural Service Grid for providing agricultural knowledge and field information sensor as services, Education Service Grid for sharing open courseware and e-Learning systems as services, and so on.

Language Service

A language service means a Web service which enables us to access a language resource such as a machine translator and a dictionary. The Language Grid is a Service Grid for language domain. On the Language Grid, various language resources such as machine translators and dictionaries are available as Web services. The Language Grid is mainly used to support multilingual communication.

Language Grid Toolbox

Language Grid Toolbox (hereinafter referred to as Toolbox) is a series of multilingual communication tools which use the Language Grid. Currently the following two versions of Toolbox are available:

XOOPS-based Community Software
This version of Toolbox aims at supporting communication in a multilingual community (This version is simply called "Toolbox"). Developed based on the open source CMS (Contents Management System) XOOPS Cube, this version is also provided as open source software. The functions can be extended by developing XOOPS modules to meet the requirements of each community. You can try out Language Grid Toolbox at Trial Site.
Language Grid Extension for MediaWiki
Language Grid Extension for MediaWiki enables other extensions of MediaWiki to invoke translation services on the Language Grid. After the Language Grid Extension for MediaWiki is installed, two new tabs will appear in each article: "Setting" and "Page Dictionary". In the "Setting" tab, end users can select translators and dictionaries; In the "Page Dictionary" tab, end users can create a dictionary to be combined with a translator.
Last updated: April 30th, 2010.