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Language Service - Download

In this page, the packages and manuals for Language Service are availale. See Overview for the introduction of language services.


Wrapping Library (Service node and source included)

Java library for creating language service wrappers

Client Library

Java client library with auto proxy detection


How to Create Language Services

This manual gives descriptions of how to convert a language resource into a Web service, using wrapping libraries.

How to Use Language Services

This document explains usage methods for the language grid and is directed especially towards language service users. These language service users include developers of collaboration tools that use language grid language services, operators who support collaboration with end users managing those collaboration tools, as well as end users who use collaboration tools to collaborate with people abroad. Of these, this manual focuses particularly on collaboration tool developers and explains related language grid usage methods under the assumption that the reader has knowledge of programming and web service technologies. For more information on programming and web service technologies, please refer to the separate text and/or information available on the web (Services Computing School, etc.).

Last updated: April 30th, 2010.