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Service Grid Server Software - Overview


Service Grid Server Software is an implementation of Service Grid and has been developed by National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), Japan. The Service Grid Server Software has been used to realize the Language Grid, which is a Service Grid for language domain. Service Grid is expected to be applied in more different domains, such as Agricultural Service Grid for providing agricultural knowledge and field information sensor as services, Education Service Grid for sharing open courseware and e-Learning systems as services, and so on.

This page describes the policy of source code management and core members of the development of Service Grid Server Software.


The figure shown below illustrates the architecture of Service Grid Server Software.

Components in the figure are classified as follows. Refer to the project global policy for the detail.

  • Core Component (Red components in the figure):
    • Invocation Handler, Access Logging, Endpoint Locator, Intra-grid Executor (Service Invoker)
    • SOAP API Implementation, Information Management Logic (Service Manager)
    • Intra/Inter-grid Data Access, Inter-grid Executor (Grid Composer)
    • RDB Data Access (Data Access)
    • Composite Service Utility (Composite Service Engine)
  • Optional Component (Blue components in the figure)
    • Access Control, Load Balaner (Service Invoker)
    • Web UI Implementation (Service Manager)
    • BPEL Composite Service, Script Composite Service, Java Composite Service, Java Atomic Service

The latest version of the source code is available at . You can browse the source code tree at the SourceForge project page.

Core Members

  • Yohei Murakami (Kyoto University)
  • Takao Nakaguchi (NTT AT)
Last updated: April 30th, 2010.