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Category: FAQ Date:2012/03/13 22:06:55

What is the use of text translation feature in language grid toolbox?


Date: 2012/03/13 22:07:31

Text Translation enables you to translate text and estimate the translation results by referring to the back-translation results


Date: 2012/03/13 22:07:50

users can extend the basic text translation function to collaborative translation function, the multilingual BBS function to multilingual discussion function, and so on


Date: 2012/03/13 22:08:11

The user can get the translation result of the entered sentences by using the machine translation service which is wrapped from the machine translation software, the user can get the translation of the entered word by using the dictionary service wrapped from the dictionary data.


Date: 2012/03/13 22:08:28

The major difference between machine translation on the Language Grid and a conventional translation system on the Internet is that users can themselves improve the quality of translation by using the Language Grid.

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