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Category: FAQ Date:2012/03/13 22:11:51

What is the use of showroom discussion feature in language grid toolbox?


Date: 2012/03/13 22:12:14

By using the discussion function, a user can share contents like images and maps, and link the shared contents with the messages posted on the multilingual BBS. By this means, the posted messages and shared contents can be displayed together on the screen.


Date: 2012/03/13 22:12:41

markers can be set on the shared images or maps so that users can discuss about the marked part of the contents more smoothly.


Date: 2012/03/13 22:13:12

The discussion function is developed by Kyoto University, Japan and is used to support foreign students who cannot speak Japanese in the community of graduate school at Kyoto University.


Date: 2012/03/13 22:13:52

In the discussion function, API of multilingual BBS is used to get the messages and handle the post. For other parts of the function like display of hierarchical categories of messages, translation through Language Grid and multilingual display are the same as those in the multilingual BBS.

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