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Category: FAQ Date:2012/03/13 23:21:51

How customization can help in improving the machine translation?


Date: 2012/03/13 23:22:08

Quality of machine translation services can always be improved with customization in specific domains of multilingual communities


Date: 2012/03/13 23:22:32

Creating and sharing language resources is very important for communities to conduct multilingual communication and collaboration.


Date: 2012/03/13 23:22:50

To provide easy customization environments for communities to use the Language Grid, Language Grid Toolbox provides the language resource creation as basic function that enables community users to create and share dictionaries, parallel texts, Q&As and glossaries.


Date: 2012/03/13 23:23:14

Moreover, features like deployment of language resources as language services are important for community users. For example, deployed community dictionary services can be shared and used as local dictionary services on Language Grid Toolbox, which can be combined with machine translation services as well as the global dictionary services provided by the Language Grid. By this means, users can use more and more alternative language services created by the communities

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