About CBS

Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Department of Intercultural Communication and Management (ICM), and Centre for Applied Information and Communication Technology (CAICT) welcome all delegates to 3rd ACM International Conference of Intercultural Collaboration (ICIC 2010) which will take place at Kilen of the CBS campus.

CBS is one of the largest business schools in Europe with more than 16,000 students and almost 1000 staff members. CBS was established in 1917 and became integrated as an institution of higher education in the Danish education system in 1965. To accommodate the steady growth in research and education activities CBS has over the course of time developed a beautiful Campus. It covers several modern buildings designed by internationally known architects as well as the old Royal Porcelain Factory buildings that have been converted and completely refurbished for the use of research and education.

International Orientation with Regional Anchoring

CBS regards itself as a European university. In addition to being one of the largest business schools in Europe it strives to be among the top business schools in Europe. The research and teaching is structured in line with international standards, and the level of quality is measured in comparison with foreign top universities.

CBS has participated in international research forums, bilateral exchange agreements for both students and faculty, and strategic alliances for several decades. It is a tradition which the school is proud of. CBS has earned international recognition and accreditation as a result of the fruitful efforts of its personnel and students alike.

CBS is EQUIS and AMBA accredited, the Danish member of CEMS and partner in PIM.

Partnership with the Business Community

Co-operation with Danish and foreign business communities is of very high priority. CBS develops study programs that meet the needs of business executives and employees for lifelong learning. CBS also participates in application-orientated research collaboration in connection with internationally-oriented basic research. This includes joint research projects, the CBS Partnership Programs and the increasing number of new business research centres that perform research in collaboration with enterprises and organizations.

The Learning University

CBS seeks to provide a learning environment that focuses on learning and individualized skills development rather than focus on teaching and mass education. At CBS, students are actively involved in the learning process, and new projects and problem-based teaching methods are developed.

  • CBS offers world-class research-based degree programs at undergraduate, graduate and PhD levels as well as executive and other post experience education programs
  • CBS creates and provides original and relevant knowledge through publishing, participation in the public debate, consultancy
  • CBS develops and shares knowledge in partnership with other universities, enterprises and organisations and contributes to the development of business and society

Courtesy: EMAC 2010