About Copenhagen

A modern city with a long history

Copper-roofed town houses, world-class architecture, Danish design and even open-air harbour swimming pools all contribute to the unique atmosphere of this city which was founded more than 800 years ago, combining the old-world charm of its mediaeval origins with the vibrant life of a modern European metropolis. Today Copenhagen is truly one of the world's premier design capitals and Scandinavia's pre-eminent city.

In June 2008, Copenhagen received the Gold medal as most livable city in the world by gMonocleh, the well-known British lifestyle magazine. Both gMonocleh and gWallpaperh regularly feature articles about cafes, restaurants and bars as well as shops in Copenhagen.

With 1,5 million inhabitants, the city is human in scale. A network of car-free pedestrian zones and cobbled squares creates an attractive, lively and atmospheric downtown area with cafes, cinemas and museums, and with Europe's longest pedestrian shopping street, Stroget.

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Courtesy: EMAC 2010