Presentation Guidelines


The required size for the posters is 33 inches high (85 cm) x 23 inches wide (60 cm).

We hang posters on stands covered with light gray fabric. See picture below. Velcro will be at your disposal at CBS.

The total height of each poster stand is 2 m, which means that you can stand in front of it, but there is not much extra space for other material on them, but we will also have some small tables for hand-outs. However, you can hang an envelope for business cards etc. on the poster stand.

The posters will be displayed in room KS48 (see attached floor plan). Half of the posters will be displayed on Thursday August 19, and the other half on Friday August 20. Poster presenters should put their posters up around break each morning and take them down at the end of the day to make room for the next set of poster presenters.