The First International Workshop on
Intercultural Collaboration:
January 24-26, 2007
Kyoto University, Clock Tower International Conference Hall, Japan

Thanks for a Great Workshop!

IWIC2007 was a great success! The workshop attracted 103 participants from 24 countries, including students, researchers, and field workers. Enthusiastic and productive discussions were held for two days. We would like to send out special thanks to all the authors, reviewers, committee members and staffs, who made the workshop possible.
We look forward to seeing you at IWIC 2008!

About IWIC

The main theme of this workshop is intercultural collaboration, from both technical and socio-cultural perspectives. Topics will include collaboration support (such as natural language processing, Web, and Internet technologies), social psychological analyses of intercultural interaction, and case studies from activists working to increase mutual understanding in our multicultural world.

This is a unique workshop in a world where physical borders disappear rapidly and people and cultures are more and more on the move and in contact. The workshop featured three prominent invited speakers:

  • Christiane D. Fellbaum (Department of Psychology, Princeton University)
  • Yumiko Mori (NPO Pangaea)
  • Gary Olson (School of Information, University of Michigan)

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  • The Telecommunications Advancement Foundation
  • International Information Science Foundation
  • Tateisi Science Technology Foundation
  • Inoue Foundation for Science