Banquet venue changed

Due to the unexpected large number of participants to the banquet which exceeded the capacity of the Junidan-ya house (previous restaurant).
We are pleased to announce that the banquet will be held in another amazing wider traditional house Ganko Takasegawa Nijo-en (as expressed by the picturesbelow).

Moreover, and for the first time, we will have the opportunity to enrich our dinner with a special talk that will be given by Mr. Bernard Krisher, the journalist who launched The Cambodia Daily newspaper in 1993 and who is also the president of Japan Relief for Cambodia.

We apologize for those who prefer the Junidan-ya house and rely on their understanding. We wish to spend marvelous time together and enjoy both the special talk and the superb Japanese meal.

Bernard Krisher (Chairman, Japan Relief for Cambodia and American Assistance for Cambodia)

Former journalist, who built 275 schools for Cambodian children, which are solar-paneled, computer-equipped rural schools. He is New York born, Tokyo-based, helping Cambodians: His effort itself is a case of intercultural collaboration. He experienced building infrastructure in developing countries.