Organizing Committee

  • Susan Fussell, Carnegie Mellon University, General Co-Chair
  • Pamela Hinds, Stanford University, General Co-Chair
  • Toru Ishida, Kyoto University, General Co-Chair
  • Carolyn Rose, Carnegie Mellon University, Treasurer
  • Niina Kristina Nurmi, Stanford University, Local Arrangements Chair
  • Heidy Maldonado, Stanford University, Student Volunteer Chair
  • Chen Zhao, Microsoft Research Asia, Posters Co-Chair
  • Qiping Zhang, Long Island University, Posters Co-Chair
  • Vanessa Evers, University of Amsterdam, Panels Co-Chair
  • Mary-Beth Watson Manheim, University of Illinois at Chicago, Panels Co-Chair
  • Masahiro Tanaka, Kyoto University, Demonstrations Co-Chair
  • Ravi Vatrapu, University of Hawaii, Demonstrations Co-Chair
  • Nicole Schadewitz, Open University, Proceedings Chair
  • Rieko Inaba, NICT, Publicity Chair

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