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This page provides instructions for Toolbox installation.



Language Grid Toolbox is developed based on XOOPS Cube. The environments for Toolbox are shown as follows:

  • OS: Linux / Windows / Mac OS.
  • Web server: Apache is recommended.
  • PHP: PHP 5.3. php-mbstring, php-pear, php-soap, php-dom, HTTP_Request2
  • Database: MySQL. Versions later than MySQL4.1 are recommended.
  • Postfix: Required for sending passwords to users via E-mail.

Set error reporting of PHP as follows:

error_reporting = E_ALL&~(E_NOTICE|E_DEPRECATED)

Toolbox is tested in the following environment:

  • apache 2.2.3
  • php 5.3
  • mysql 5.0.77
  • postfix 2.3.3-2.1.el5_2

Following machine specification is recommended:

  • CPU: more than 1GHz
  • Disk space: more than 120GB
  • Memory: more than 1GB

Installation environments on Linux

Install Apache, MySQL, PHP, Postfix which satisfy the above conditions. Please refer to the documents of the software for the detail of general settings. For installation of Toolbox, note the following points.

  • Apache
    • Aliase setting for Toolbox (if required)
  • MySQL
    • set utf8 to default-character-set in my.cnf

Installation environments on Windows

  • Download XAMPP1.8.0 (EXE file/Installer for Windows)
  • Execute the installer
  • Select a language
  • [Next]
  • Select installation directory(e.g., C:\xampp)
    • If you are installing on Windows Vista/7, XAMPP is not recommended to be installed in the C:\Program Files\ directory
    • If you want to install XAMPP in the C:\Program Files\ directory on Windows Vista, please disable the user account control(UAC) function.
  • [Next]
  • Set shortcuts, and select components ([Apache], [MySQL])
  • [Finish]
    • If security warning appears (WindowsXP) when Apache is started (automatically), please select[Unblock].

DB creation (Windows, Linux)

This part introduces how to configure database using phpMyAdmin. The following variables are used for introduction (If you are testing the installation, you can set them as "toolbox" for both).

  • ${username}: User name for database connection
  • ${password}: Password for database connection
  • ${dbname}: Database name
  • Open phpAdmin on the browser
    • Click [Admin...] for MySQL from XAMPP control panel
    • The browser will be started and the phpMyAdmin page will be shown
  • Click the [Privileges] tab
  • Click [Add a new User]
    • Set the username, host, password
      • Select "Use text field:" in the [User name], and input ${username}
      • Select [Local] in [Host].In the text field, "localhost" is set
      • Select "Use text field:" in [Password] and [Re-type:], and input ${password}
    • Select [Create database with same name and grant all privileges] in [Database for user] (set ${dbname} the same as ${username})
    • Set other areas as default
    • Select [Go]
  • Click ${dbname} (database name) from the left frame of the window
  • Click [Operations] tab
    • Select "utf8_general_ci" in [Collation] and click[Go]

You can also directly execute the following SQL script for settings:

create database ${dbname} default character set utf8 collate utf8_general_ci;
grant all on ${dbname}.* to ${username}@localhost;
set password for ${username}@localhost=password('${password}');

Installation of Toolbox (Windows, Linux)

  • Download Toolbox package
  • Unzip the package and name the directory as "toolbox".
  • Copy the directory to the Web server for accessing from URL of Toolbox
    • If using XAMPP default settings, http://localhost/toolbox/ will be the Toolbox URL by copying the directory to (XAMPP directory)/htdocs.
    • In the following part, we use http://hostname/toolbox/ to denote the access URL destination and use ${toolbox} to denote the directory.
  • Access http://hostname/toolbox/html in your browser, follow the installation wizard and set the following items
    • Welcome to the Install Wizard for XOOPS Cube 2.1:
      • Set language as "English"
      • Click [Next] after settings
    • Welcome to the Install Wizard for XOOPS Cube 2.1: [Next]
    • Check file permissions : [Next]
    • Set database. path and URL
      • Set [Database Username], [Database Password], [Database Name] using the database username, password, and database name when creating the DB
      • Use default settings for other items
      • Click [Next] after finishing the above settings
    • Please confirm the following submitted data: [Next]
    • save settings: [Next]
    • check path & URL: [Next]
    • check appendix permissions: [Next]
    • Server Settings
      • Set [memory_limit of PHP] as [128M]
      • Use default settings for other items
      • Click [Next] after settings
    • Save Server Settings: [Next]
    • confirm database settings : [Next]
    • check database : [Next]
    • Create Tables : [Next]
    • insert data :
      • Input [Admin Name], [Admin Email], [Admin Email], [Confirm Password]
      • Use default settings for other items
      • Click [Next] after settings
    • When "The 1st Step Installation Complete" is displayed, click [Next]
  • The login page will be displayed. Use the username and password configured in the above steps to log in
    • "Following Modules are not installed." will be displayed after log in
    • Select all modules
    • Use default settings for other items
    • Click [Install] afte settings
  • Delete ${toolbox}/html/install
  • Access XOOPS Cube Administration( http://hostname/toolbox/html/admin.php )
    • Set the following items from the left menu Legacy System -> General Settings
      • Site name (e.g. Language Grid Toolbox)
      • Admin mail address: mail address of administrator (This mail address will be used as notification sender for user registration)
      • Click "submit" on the bottom of the page and save the settings
    • Set the following items from the left menu Service Settings -> Preferences
      • Set your Language Grid ID and password in "Langrid ID" and "Langrid Password
      • Set proxy host address and port number in "Proxy Host Address" and "Proxy Port Number"
      • Click "submit" on the bottom of the page and save the settings
    • Set the following items from the left menu protector -> Preferences
      • Input "document" in the "Modules out of DoS/Crawler checker" item
      • Set "Anti Brute Force" to 500
      • Click "submit" on the bottom of the page and save the settings

The installation will finish after above steps. If Toolbox is successfully installed, you can access it by http://hostname/toolbox/html .

Others (Mac OS Notice)

  • Make sure pear library is usable, but in default pear libary is not enabled
    • modify php.ini
    • -Memory usage: change memory usage from 8M to 128M
    • -Libary path(PHP/Pear): add /Applications/xampp/xamppfiles/lib/php/pear to installation path (How to enable pear xampp) (working with php5 in mac os)
    • -+Pear proxy: sudo ./pear config-set http_proxy host
    • -+Pear channel-update: sudo ./pear channel-update
    • -+Pear HTTP_Request: sudo ./pear install HTTP_Request

PHP 5.4 Notice

  • If using PHP 5.4, following modifications are required:

Add the following line to the head of toolbox/html/install/index.php

error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_STRICT);

Change the line with following sentence of the three target files

Before: error_reporting(E_ALL);
After: error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_STRICT);
  • Target files:
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