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License and reference

The source code of the Service Grid Server Software and Language service is available under the LGPL2.1 license. The source code of the Language Grid Toolbox is available under the GPL2 license. Please refer to each document for details.

If you release your software by using the software of this project, please include the following description in your documents or on the website of your software corresponding to the software you use.

If you publish a paper by using the software of this project, please cite the following book.
  • Toru Ishida Ed. The Language Grid: Service-Oriented Collective Intelligence for Language Resource Interoperability. Springer, 2011. ISBN 978-3-642-21177-5.

Service Grid Server Software

You can download the packages and the manuals of Service Grid Server Software.

Release Packages

Service Grid Server Software (Update 10/12/2010)
System Requirements (Recommendation)
  • CPU: Intel Xeon Processor 5000 Series 2.3GHz or more
  • Memory: 2GB or more
  • Disk: 120GB or more
Active BPEL
Active BPEL, which is a BPEL execution engine used in Service Grid Server Software, is not available on the vendor's site. Since the license is GPL, please download from the following link.

The minimal package of Server Grid Server Software is available from the following link (This package was originally designed to be used with MediaWiki and Language Grid MediaWiki extension).

Language Grid for MediaWiki Binary Code


Software Manual (Update 11/18/2010)
This manual describes how to install Service Grid Server Software and Active BPEL extension.
Service Manager Manual (Update 10/04/2010)
Manual for Service Manager
JavaDoc (Update 12/13/2010)
JavaDoc of the source code of Service Grid Server Software

* Since Service Grid Server Software was originally developed as the Language Grid, a service grid for language domain, the manuals refer to Service Grid Server Software as the Language Grid.

Language Service Development Libraries

You can download the packages and the manuals for language services development.

Release Packages

Wrapping Library (Service node and source included) (Update 11/25/2010)
Java library for creating language service wrappers
Client Library (Update 7/11/2011)
Java client library with auto proxy detection


How to Create Language Services (Update 11/25/2010)
This manual gives descriptions of how to convert a language resource into a Web service, using wrapping libraries. The interfaces of language services and classes in the wrapping libraries are described in JavaDoc document.
How to Use Language Services (Update 2/19/2009)
This document explains usage of language service is intended for developers of multilingual collaboration tools. Therefore this manual requires knowledge of programming and Web service technologies. For more basic of Web service technologies, Services Computing School would be helpful.


Release Packages

You can download the packages and the manuals of Toolbox.

XOOPS-based Community Software (Toolbox) Ver. 2.6 (30 MB)
This package contains all autorized modules developed by NICT, Kyoto University, Kyoto City.
Language Grid Extension for MediaWiki Ver. 1.0 (561 KB)
This package is an extension of MediaWiki.


XOOPS-based Community Software (Toolbox)
Installation Instruction: Environment settings and installation instructions
Settings: Settings after installation
Customization: Customization of XOOPS-based Community Software (Toolbox), e.g. changing style sheets
API Spacification (in Japanese): Specifications of APIs of XOOPS-based Community Software (Toolbox)
Language Grid Extension for MediaWiki
API Manual: Installation instruction of Language Grid Extension for MediaWiki and API specification
Last update: 03-Aug-2011