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This project provides the multilingual BBS for communication between users and developers. To join the community, create your account from "Sign up" button on the top page of the multilingual BBS. An account is activated after the administrators approve the request for the account. A request is approved unless there is some particular reason.

The multilingual BBS are categorized based on purposes and software. The following parts describe how you can propose new functions or report bugs.

Proposing new functions

You can post a proposal of a new function at "Request/Proposal" forum on the multilingual BBS.

Please search for similar requests or proposals before posting a message. You can search messages from "Search" tab.

The multilingual BBS can notify new posts via e-mail. We recommend you enable the notification when you post requests/proposals. You can enable the notification from the "Preference" button on the top page of the multilingual BBS

Bug Report

If you find a bug, please post a message at "Bug Report" forum on the multilingual BBS. The information about your environment including the OS, the hardware, and the Web browser will help the developer fix the problem.

Last update: 14-Apr-2011