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Member Roles

A member of this project has one of the following roles. The upper role covers the responsibility of the lower one.

Core Member
Responsibility: Decide policy of the project, final review of code, commit release version of code, revert revision, approve request for participation/change of roles
Core members are selected for each software. See the page of each software for the list of core members.
A developer can become a core member by recommendation or his/her request with approval of core members.
Responsibility: Development, post development report, bug fix, commit to development branches, code analysis, reproduce bugs, test
Please send a request to oss-project [at] (replace [at] with @) if you want to join the development. You will be authorized as a developer after core members approve your request.
Responsibility: Propose new functions, bug report
Users of Service Grid Server Software or related to Service Grid can become a member of this project by getting an account of this project site. You can create an account from "Sign up" button on the top page of the multilingual BBS. An account is activated after the administrators approve the request for the account. The request for an account would not be refused unless there is some particular reason.
Last update: 16-Mar-2011