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Terms of Use for Language Grid Toolbox Trial Site

To use the Language Grid Toolbox (hereinafter called "the Service") that is provided on the website ( operated by Toolbox User Group, Language Grid Association ( (hereinafter called "Operation Entity"), users are required to carefully read and agree to the "Terms of Use for Language Grid Toolbox Trial Site" (hereinafter called "the Terms of Use") before use. By using the Service, users acknowledge that they have agreed to all the Terms of Use. If users do not agree to the Terms of Use, they may not use the Service.

1. Purpose of Use
Users may use the Service solely for nonprofit purposes. In the Terms of Use, "the use for nonprofit purposes" means
- use by individuals for activities other than profit and profit-making activities,
- use by public institutions and nonprofit organizations for their main activities or research activities,
- use by profit organizations for corporate social responsibility activities.

2. Service Fee
The Service is free of charge.

3. Compliance with the Copyrights and License Conditions
In the use of the language resources through the Service, including machine translators and dictionaries that are on the multilingual service infrastructure "Language Grid" (hereinafter called "Language Grid"), which is operated by the Department of Social Informatics of the Graduate School of Informatics at Kyoto University, users must comply with the copyrights and license conditions of the language resources they use and refrain from any infringement of them. Users must confirm the copyrights and license conditions of each language resource on the setting or search window of the Service before/after use.

4. Handling of Information on the Usage
Users must agree that the statistics of their usage of the language resources through the Service will be collected through the Language Grid and always be accessible to the providers of the language resources and computation resources in which these language resources are deployed. The usage statistics do not include any source/translated texts, messages posted on the bulletin board system (BBS), and personal information on the users. The Operation Entity will not obtain any other information apart from the usage statistics through the Service, nor make secondary use of the information without a written agreement with the users.

5. Message Posting
In case the Operation Entity finds that a user posts an inappropriate message on the Service, the Operation Entity may take measures, including the deletion of the message without prior or late notice. The Operation Entity may also suspend such a user.

6. Suspension of the Service
The Operation Entity may, at any time, suspend all or any part of the Service without prior notice to users for operational or technical reasons. In the event of suspension, the data on the server operated by the Operation Entity can be lost.

7. Disclaimer
Under no circumstances shall the Operation Entity be liable for any direct or indirect damages, with or without prior notice of the possibility of the damage, related to the use of the Service. The Operation Entity does not warrant the accuracy, security, and usability of any result of the use of the Service, including the translation result. The Operation Entity shall not be liable for nor involved in any contents of the posts made through the Service and any disputes between users.

8. Governing Law
The Terms of Use shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Japan. The Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all disputes arising in connection with the Service.
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