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How to Use Services Computing School

Services Computing School provides university professors in charge of services computing courses to use exercises and Web services on this website for their courses. If you are a student who are having services computing course or interested in learning through this website, please contact your professor to get a temporary ID and password for your course.

Conditions of Use

If you are currently using Services Computing School in your course, please pay attention to the following conditions of use.
  • The use of Web services provided for the exercises on this Website is limited to non-profit use in services computing courses at undergraduate / graduate school of universities. It is prohibited to use Web services on this Website in companies or commercial courses.
  • Your temporary ID and password cannot be distributed and should only be used within your course.

Feedback and Suggestions

If you are using Services Computing School for learning and practing services computing, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please also contact us if you have good ideas to design interesting services computing exercises using language services we provide in this website.