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Services Computing School

The Services Computing School website offers a technical tutorial of services computing by using language services (machine translators, multilingual dictionaries, morphological analyzers, parallel texts and others) on the Language Grid.

Language Grid Association provides Services Computing School for two purposes: one is to provide education exercises of services computing for university professors; the other is to provide a guidance of learning and using language services for Language Grid users.

Purpose 1: Educating Services Computing for University Professors

Did you ever look for a hands-on exercise on services computing, but have difficulty finding suitable Web services to test? A popular example in textbook is to make travel plans, but few Web services are available today in the real world for practice.

Services Computing School provides a website for professors to educate services computing in universities. Students can practice services computing with language services provided by participants of the Language Grid. Please refer to procedure for professors before using Services Computing School for education.

Purpose 2: Trying Language Services for Language Grid Users

For Language Grid users that have signed Agreement for Language Grid User with Language Grid Operation Center, the Services Computing School website can be used as a manual for learning language services on the Language Grid by trying the provided exercises.

Language Grid users can use all the language services in the exercises provided on the Services Computing School website with their Language Grid ID and password.


Services Computing School Website provides exercises for learning fundamental concepts of Web services and Web service composition as well.

  • Basic of Web Services: We provide exercises for practicing Web service invocation using atomic language services on the Language Grid. Students/Language Grid users can learn fundamental concepts of services computing and specifications of Web services (WSDL, SOAP, BPEL, etc).
  • Web Service Composition: We provide hands-on exercises for learning Web service composition using BPEL with various language services on the Language Grid. Students/Language Grid users can also learn how to create BPEL processes for composing Web services and human tasks.