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Please fill out the following form to get a temporary ID if you decide to conduct the exercises on this Web site in your course. We will send a temporary ID for you within 3 business days.

A temporary ID issued via this page is provided for students who participate in your course. Please distribute the temporary ID to the students when you conduct exercises.

The temporary ID is valid during days you request. Request days you will conduct exercises in your course.

NOTE: We can't provide a temporary ID when we receive many requests for the same day. In that case, please change the day of the exercises.

Conditions of Use

  • The use of Web services provided for the exercises on this Website is limited to non-profit use in services computing courses at undergraduate / graduate school of universities. It is prohibited to use Web services on this Website in companies or commercial courses.
  • You should put the following sentences on the website of your course if you conduct exercises provided by Services Computing School in your course.

    This tutorial is provided by Service Computing School. Powered by the Language Grid.
  • Your organization, country and the URL of your course will be shown in our Web site if you conduct exercises in your course.

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