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Trial Service

Try machine translator Web services provided for the exercises. Students can learn how to compose these services with other types of Web services such as dictionaries and morphological analyzers in our exercise.

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Here is an interesting example of using machine translation services.
Enjoy composing translation services!

Original sentence in Chinese
(1) The girl is wearing a kimono. (女孩穿着和服。)
After applying Chinese-Japanese translation service
(2) The girl is crossing Japanese clothes. (女の子は和服を横切っている。)
After applying Japanese-English translation service
(3) The girl sails across the kimono.
After applying English-Japanese translation service
(4) The girl sails with the whole kimono.(女の子は、着物全体で航海する。)
After applying Japanese-Chinese translation service
(5) The girl sails with all her clothes. (女孩以全体衣服航行。)

You can try more services provided by participants of the Language Grid at the Language Grid Playground.