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Multilingual Studio is a set of APIs for using the multi-language functions provided by the Language Grid, such as back translation, text-to-speech, multi-hop translation and so on.

Let's make cross-cultural communication tools with the multi-language translation libraries!

[Before Using the Multilingual Studio]

Language Grid is a service that provides easy access from a web API to libraries for translation, parallel translation, language identification, speech recognition and speech synthesis in more than 142 languages.

Language Grid can be used for non-commercial and research. If you want to use the Language Grid, you need to sign an agreement with Kyoto Operation Center operated by the Department of Social Informatics, Kyoto University, Japan. Please check the use procedure and apply.

License and references

The PHP library of the Multilingual Studio is available under the 2 clause BSD license. The Java library of the Multilingual Studio is available under the LGPL2.1 license. Please refer to each document for details.

If you release your software by using the Multilingual Studio, please include the following description in your documents or on the website of your software.
If you publish a paper by using the Multilingual Studio, please cite the following book.

Libraries of Multilingual Studio

Use cases: Example of tools using libraries provided in this site

Participating in the development: We are looking for developers interested in participating in the open source project