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No.1 (July, 2008)
From the Editorial Committee/New language resources: for daily life and disaster information/
New language services/Language Grid Users: NICT Language Grid Project
No.2 (August, 2008)
New Language Resource: WordNet/Language Grid Users: the Center for Multicultural Society Kyoto
No.3 (September, 2008)
New Language Resources: KNP, Juman, EDR/The Wiki for Developers/New Mailing List for Developers/
IWIC2009: Deadline for poster and demo has been extended/Language Grid User: NPO Pangaea/
Language Resource List
No.4 (October, 2008)
New Translation Services with Dictionaries/New Services from Language Grid Playground/
New Special Interest Groups in Language Grid Association/Language Grid Users: Yoshino Lab in Wakayama University
No.5 (November, 2008)
Language Grid Playground: New Services Opened!/Language Resource Wrapping Manual Updated/
Services Computing School Website Launched/Language Grid Users: Kitamura Lab in Kwansei Gakuin University
No.6 (December, 2008)
New Language Resources Available!/Access Restriction Loosened for EDR Japanese-English Bilingual and Concept Dictionary/Language Grid Service Manager Modified/
"Members Only": A Setting to Secure Exclusive Use of Language Resources for Members/
New Services at Language Grid Playground/Language Grid Users: Kita Lab at Kansai University
No.7 (January, 2009)
Cross-search Service for Bilingual Dictionaries Is Now Released/Language Grid Manuals Will Be Updated/
Language Grid Users: Hishiyama Lab at Waseda University
No.8 (February, 2009)
Translation Service with Backup Is Released/Language Grid Users: Ishida & Matsubara Laboratory at Kyoto University
No.9 (March, 2009)
English Manual Is Available/TreeTagger Now Supports Portuguese/Portal Site Is Now Open/IWIC2009 Report/
Language Grid Users: Miyao & Yamaki Laboratory in Nagoya University
No.10 (April, 2009)
New Language Resources Available/Software Manual Updated and Core Node Package Released/
Doshisha University NIS Lab++ Team Goes to Imagine Cup 2009 World Competition!/
Language Grid Users: Network Information Systems Laboratory, Doshisha University
No.11 (May, 2009)
New Language Resources Available/Kodensha’s J-Server ASP Service will be launched in the Language Grid/
Language Grid Users: Yukawa Laboratory, Nagaoka University of Technology
No.12 (June, 2009)
Research & Development Support by NICT Language Project/
The Multilingual Medical Communication Support System Is Launched in Kyoto University Hospital/
Language Grid Users: Sugawara & Manabe Laboratory, Chiba Institute of Technology
No.13 (July, 2009)
Yakushite.Net and Japanese WordNet are now Available!/
Teaming up with Google: Google Translate now Available on Language Grid/
Langrid ToolBox: Easy Multilingual Collaboration Tools on the Internet/
Language Grid Users: Watanabe Laboratory of Nagoya University
No.14 (August, 2009)
Langrid ToolBox Prototype Has Been Released/A New Language Service: HTML Text Extractor
Language Grid Playground Used in NPO Pangaea's Activity
Language Grid Users: Kuwabara Lab, Ritsumeikan University
No.15 (September, 2009)
Language Grid Toolbox Prototype Beta Version Released/
Language Resources: Dictionaries and Parallel Texts for Schools/
Number of Language Grid Users Reaches One Hundred/
Language Grid Users: Kinoshita Lab, Cyberscience Center, Tohoku University
No.16 (October, 2009)
Language Grid Toolbox ver. 1.0 Released!/ Japanese WordNet Service Updated/
Language Grid Users: Knowledge-Base Laboratory, Hokkaido University
No.17 (November, 2009)
“A Multilingual Communication Infrastructure in a City” Project Launched -Kyoto on the Language Grid-/
Language Grid Toolbox 1.1 Has Been Released/ New Language Resources/
Language Grid Users: The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies of Informatics and the Kyoto Computer Gakuin
No.18 (December, 2009)
Language Grid Toolbox 2.0 Has Been Released/ Hosting Service of the Toolbox/
New Language Resource/ International Conference of Intercultural Collaboration 2010 (ICIC2010)/
Gold Prize at Microsoft Cup IEEE China Student Paper Contest/
Language Grid Users: Human Interface Laboratory, Osaka Institute of Technology
No.19 (January, 2010)
Language Grid Toolbox Hosting Service Launched/Language Grid Toolbox New Functions/
Language Grid Users: Future University-Hakodate
No.20 (February, 2010)
Language Grid Toolbox ver. 2.1 Has Been Released/
Multilingual Support for Education Project's Chat Tools Have Been Released/
Language Grid Users: Nagaoka Univ. of Technology
No.21 (March, 2010)
New Function of the Language Grid Toolbox/
New Language Resources/
Language Grid Users: Ichimura Laboratory, Tokyo University of Technology/
Message from Editorial Board Member
No.22 (April, 2010)
New Function of the Language Grid Toolbox/ New Language Resources/
Monthly Maintenance for May and June/ Language Grid Users: Hori Laboratory, Kansai University/
No.23 (June, 2010)
New Version of Language Grid Agreement Released/ New Language Resources/ Open Service Grid Initiative Launched/
Service Grid Open Source Project Community Site Now Open/ M3 Introduced to Rakuwakai Otowa Hospital/
Monthly Maintenance for July and August/ Language Grid Users: IT University of Copenhagen/
No.24 (August, 2010)
Service Grid Open Source Activity Started Globally/ New Function of Language Grid Toolbox: Language Settings/
Monthly Maintenance for September and October/ Web Application Version of M3 Is Now Open to the Public/
Language Grid Users: Center for Multilingual Multicultural Education and Research/
No.25 (October, 2010)
Language Grid Bangkok Operation Center/ Report on Japan-Korea Webcam Exchange Event/
Wikipedia Translation Project Launched/ Language Grid Toolbox ver. 2.4 Released/
Monthly Maintenance for November and December/
Language Grid Users: AIAA Japan Forum on Satellite Communications (AIAA-JFSC)/
No.26 (December, 2010)
Federated Operation Begins for the Language Grid/ New Function of Service Manager Released/
No.27 (March, 2011)
Federated Operation of the Language Grid Started/ Language Grid Symposium 2011/
Multilingual Gaming Simulation Using Language Grid Wins FOST Prize3/
Future Services of the Language Grid/ KYODAI HONYAKU! Is Now Open to the Public
Language Grid Users: Kyoto University Co-op/
No.28 (July, 2011)
Adding the Disaster Dictionary to “KYODAI HONYAKU!”/ Language Grid will be launched in Wikimedia Laboratories/
"Live, Multilingual, Intercultural Communication Knowledge Salon:" Connecting Shanghai and Kyoto/
Agriculture Aid Project Using the Language Grid, "YMC-Viet Project"/ Language Grid Users: HOUSE SAISON Co. Ltd/
Message from New Chief Editor/ Periodic Maintenance/
No.29 (October, 2011)
The Language Grid Published by Springer!/ The Language Grid Association General Meeting/ New Language Resources/
The 2nd "International Conference on Culture and Computing" and Workshop "Language Grid and Intercultural Collaboration"/ Attention! Another Language Grid Book!/
Language Grid Users: Kubota Laboratory, Faculty of Informatics, Kansai University/
Periodic Maintenance: Nov.7th 2011, Dec.5th 2011 and Jan. 10th, 2012/ Message from the Editorial Committee
No.30 (July, 2012)
ISHIDA-TAISEISHA INC. became an official sponsor providing multiple Language Grid servers in various areas of the world/ Language Services and Resources/Collaboration with US NSF Project/
Conference Report on Language Resources, Technology and Services in the Sharing Paradigm (LRTS)/
Language Grid User Introduction (the 30th): Language Grid Bangkok Operation Center/
Periodic Maintenance and Temporary Shutdown
No.31 (January, 2013)
Language Grid Jakarta Operation Center/ Language Services and Resources/
Language Grid Project Introduction: YMC-Viet project/
Language Grid User Introduction (the 31st): Europe's First Language Grid "Linguagrid" (CELI)
No.32 (March, 2015)
Language Grid Services and Resources/ LREC2014 Workshop Report/ Awards/
Language Grid Project Introduction: Experiment Report on YMC Viet project in 2013/
Language Grid User Introduction (the 32nd): Inaba Laboratory, Tsuda College
No.33 (June, 2015)
The Language Grid Technical Letter(1st edition): A convenient way to invoke language services by Groovy/
The Language Grid was used for translating the abstract of theses at ACM CHI 2015/
WLSI2015 Workshop Report/ Best Paper Award of SETECEC 2015/ Language Grid Project Introduction: KISSY 2014/
Language Grid User Introduction (the 33rd): Nakajima Lab., Toho University